Bali was a set up

When I landed…it was as if I saw in Technicolor. I was ready for what I was about to embark upon…or so I thought. The first few days of my trip were awkward; a very weird vibe. I settled in and enjoyed myself. After the third day in Bali, I moved from Ubud to Uluwatu; this is where it got real. My second day in Uluwatu, I went on a spiritual excursion. I had an amazing day meditating at the Tanah Lot Temple, seeing a healer and learning more about the Balinese culture and religion.

As we were driving to our next destination, a shift began that shook me to my core. I couldn’t hold back the tears; they came pouring. I tried to stop them and hold them back, but my heart knew that I was cleansing. I was washing away all that was, preparing for all that will be.


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When I got back home, that’s when the real work began. Bali prepared me for some huge lessons. Bali was the agent that scrubbed the surface clean so that I would have a fresh vantage point, in order to delve deep into these new lessons. Bali began the shift that happened when I got back home.

Before Bali, I wasn’t inspired; yet while in Bali, I realized why. I had cut myself off from being able to be inspired. I wanted no inspiration, and I wanted nothing to do with being inspired. For some strange reason, anything that inspired me, illuminated in me all that I wasn’t doing. I felt inadequate. After Bali, I got my mojo back.реклама онлайнчерез интернет микрозаймы

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