Beyond the Lights

Our soul knows what it needs and that need can be fulfilled in a variety of ways, not just in deeply spiritual or religious ritualistic formats. Sometimes our Souls will draw us to art, music or movies that will speak to us and give us the lessons we need; Beyond the Lights was what I needed on Friday.

I sat, expecting to see another neatly told, romantic story that grazed the surface of each character and their emotions; not what I got at all! My first observation that I would like to note was who was in the theater. The array of people on this Friday morning at this particular movie,  made my heart smile.

I sat in my seat, and as I began to become engrossed in the movie, I realized that as I watched, I didn’t see color. I saw love and light, connection, understanding and nonjudgment. I saw humans, struggling to deal with human issues; struggling to push past personal limits, to break through their parents world views, shadows and projections. I saw vulnerability. I saw two people trying to love themselves, through loving each other; seeing themselves in each other while at the same time being able to see the other as an individual. Allowing that individuality to stay intact. Taking the reflection that was given back to them, and using it to shift and evolve, and not just run away. I saw courage and strength and flaws and honesty. Through each other, they were able to see themselves and offer acceptance because they understood each other. They saw something about themselves in each other. Not only did he see her and she needed to be seen by him, by someone, but they finally were able to get a deeper view of themselves. In my opinion, this allowed them to finally love freely and receive that love willingly. Isn’t that what love is? Isn’t that what a soul mate does? They unveil us. They help us to face our demons, acknowledge those rough parts of ourselves and then they help us embrace who we are and bring light to our whole selves.
Gina Prince-Bythewood, thank you for depicting an evolving, conscious love. A realistic journey of self-reflection, connection and nurturing. An aiding relationship that enabled each of them to become the best, individually and collectively. Thank you for making me ask myself some questions, for challenging my thoughts, for being a catalyst of my self-reflection in that 1 hour and 56 minutes. Thank you for taking me beyond the lights.




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