River Said: an 8-Year Old’s Perspective

“Go with the flow Mommy, you are just prolonging things.”

I got completely put back on track by my 8-year-old. You know when you are annoyed, and you just keep pushing and pushing to get the response you want? Well, that happened to me, and River was a witness. The Hostess at a restaurant(that shall remain nameless) had given our table away. It was a Saturday night; I needed a table for seven people, and we were 16 minutes late( one minute past the cancellation time). The issues to resolve started ticker tapping in my head: It’s late, where are we going to find a table at the last minute, the kids will be starving. I felt it was all on me to figure out, so I was annoyed about that as well. I calmly resisted the fact that our table had been given away. I kept poking. River comes over as I’m trying to convince the Hostess to make something happen, and he looks up at me and says “Mom, go with the flow.” I snapped out of my fight to control the situation, called another restaurant and got us another table immediately. Later that night, while I was putting River to bed, I thanked him for checking me. He said, “I know right; you were just prolonging things,” he was SO right.

When we resist the natural flow of things from occurring, we prolong where we are suppose to be and create anxiety and other low-frequency experiences. Just allowing things to be and to give up the need to control every situation is freeing. Let new perspectives and new realizations come in, in order to allow growth and evolution.

Let it flow… Thanks for that gentle nudge Riv!

P.S.  Why wouldn’t this message come from someone named River!!! So appropriate and true to his name!





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