Goodbye 2014…

It’s been real 2014! On a few occasions, a little bit too real for my liking, but I’m not mad at you! Times of revelations, triumphs, setbacks, heartache, but I count it all joy. There were times where it was hell on wheels, but a necessary ride it was. I thank you for the growth. I thank you for the lessons. I thank you for the tough love. You have ordered my steps, and you have called my soul to do things I never thought I had the courage to do. You have guided me back; you helped me remember who I am and for that I have the deepest gratitude. I pray that 2015 allows for the lessons to be experiential( I want to show off what I’ve learned). I wan t to show how I’ve risen above old patterns and low frequencies and behaviors, in order to be who I have been called to be, in all my glory. Thank you for teaching me that in part, manifestation is a decision that I must decide on. I have decided to manifest what is in my highest good, in every aspect of my life, both big and small.

Thank you for showing me the importance of loving myself( to pieces) and giving myself the love I want, desire and deserve. Thank you for birthing in me the courage to feel good about being me. Thank you for revealing to me that it is ok to give myself the time and attention that I need without being made to feel bad about it by others or myself. It is totally fine to love on me! Thank you for showing me the importance of being mindful, in my knowing, and in my being.

Thank you for showing me who I am, what I am and How I am to serve and use these things for the evolution of myself, others and this planet.

Forever Grateful

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