Morning Seed: Speed Bumps and Road Blocks


Speed bumps and road blocks are a part of life. What I’ve fully come to embrace is that they are necessary…period. Not only do they make sure that we are awake, aware and on point but they keep us moving, even when they seemingly slow us down. Speed bumps and road blocks(trials and tribulations) become our warning signs and advancement towards emotional freedom. They help guide us, protect us and graduate us emotionally. Until I realized the necessity of them, I would find an alternate route to take, a different path that ultimately would lead me down that exact road that I tried to avoid. I couldn’t get around going through in order to evolve. We all have a calling on our lives to be the best we can be, to reach our fullest potential. Some choose not to answer, and that’s fine, but those of us, who choose to answer the call of our souls, must learn to embrace the slow and hard times. I’ve finally learned how to stay steady durning these times and not go into a tailspin of emotions.

Today, breathe through the speed bumps and road blocks. Sit in the stuff you so badly want to run away from, endure in order to get to the other side.




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