River Said: Think about the kids

” I like that; they think about the kids. Most people do whatever they want and forget all about the kids.”- River Said

River and I were enjoying our favorite past time the other night( watching HGTV). Property Brothers, one of our favs, was on and there was a couple who had three boys, looking for a home. They saw this beautiful place that would have been perfect for the Mothers commute. The mother said, “this house is beautiful and convenient, but we are concerned about the schools and our boys come first so this house isn’t an option.”

River then looked at me and said, “you see, I like that. Most people do whatever they want and forget all about the kids”.
His statement made me realize how important it is for children to know that you consider them when making decisions. Making sure they know they are respected and thought about helps nurture their confidence and comfortability in this world. It teaches them that they are not separate, that they are a part of the whole, no matter what age, and that they should expect to be considered and respected by all.

How I Grew Today: Always consider Rivers feelings. Never underestimate the weight of my decisions and how they will affect his life, his destiny.





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