The time is… Always when it is suppose to be.

Im starting to feel anxious today, like I’m suppose to be so much farther along in my mission, in my work. I want to do so much and just ready to burst wide open with my message. What I have to realize is that the timing of it all, everything, is as it should be. I say this a lot and some days it soothes me, and others, it frustrates me. Well today is one of those other days.

There are things working behind the scenes to bring us where we need to be. Nothing worth having happens overnight. T’s the curing stage, like a good slab of Applewood Bacon ( or smoked salmon for you non-pork eaters).

What we must all remember to do is just breath and enjoy the down time. Make the best of it. Continue to learn,to seek and rest because when its your time to take off, you have to be ready to take flight.

How I Grew Today

Light+ Love

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