#StayingWoke: Doing the work that it takes to heal…

Lately, I’ve seen #Staywoke everywhere. The call to keep our eyes open to what is going on around us, in our communities, in our Government, on all levels. It has been refreshing to hear and witness the discussions and actions around activism and playing our part to influence change in our world. People are rising, allowing their voices to be heard, and this is such an amazing thing to witness.
It is time for an awakening on a larger scale, but it would behoove us to heed this as a call for an awakening to the shifts that need to take place inside of us, on a personal level too, and embrace the idea of growing and healing individually, affecting change in our inner lives. Staying woke to any inner turmoil or conflict that exist and may be keeping us from living the best lives that we can, will have lasting effects on us personally and on others that we connect with in our lives.
What I’ve come to embrace and believe over the past few years, is that we are all connected. Sometimes we think we operate in these silos or bubbles, but what we do and who we are, immensely affects the greater good. Just imagine if we all made the decision to release thought patterns and ways of thinking that are no longer useful to us? What if we resisted the need to hold on to grudges and grievances and chose to have love and compassion for others instead of picking them apart?

What about the person who feels so worthless that they think anything they try to do won’t make a difference, so they do nothing? Can you imagine how many people, who want to do something but can’t because their underlying limiting beliefs about themselves prevent them from moving and taking a stand?
It’s time to take a stand and heal old wounds, grow and experience change, soul shifting change, so that you can extend that change out to others.
What if we all did the work on ourselves, the hard, courageous work of looking at our lives and addressing our stuff, instead of projecting our hurt, angry, distrustful selves on to others, creating a never-ending loop of despair? Can you imagine the transformation that will take place? What we experience in our world is a reflection of what’s going on inside of us. It’s the physical representation of the thoughts and feelings that are ruling our emotions. Taking full and complete responsibility and accountability for the healing of our hearts, minds and our internal landscape would change our outer experiences.
Can you imagine if we shifted our perceptions and we realized that there is no separation, so we need not feel inferior to anyone? The capacity to extend forgiveness to all, whether they want it or not, whether they still treat us like s%^& or not would be something that we will readily do, without fear of being hurt or taking advantage of, because we know who we are and we’re confident in that. That’s the strength that comes with doing the work to stay woke. Can you imagine trading in negative thinking for positive thinking which will yield positive experiences? You may be thinking yeah that sounds good, but that won’t happen. You’re right, it won’t, if we continue with a mindset that is pessimistic, to say the least. We have to decide to believe something else is possible. We have to believe that change within ourselves can happen, and that change can be permanent. We have to stop running from our stuff and deal with it. March for it, protest for it, resist for the right to live emotionally free, emotionally healthy and on a continued track of releasing, growing and inspiring.

Steps you can take to start now:

Stay Still: Identify what’s causing you emotional turmoil by sitting in silence. Journal, meditate, pray or just sit. Don’t run away from it. What comes up can’t hurt you. So just breathe and allow it to be.

Stay Open: Embrace and accept what surfaces. To turn your back on it, is turning your back on yourself. What comes up is there to teach you, to show you so you can distinguish what you don’t want from what you really want.

Stay Grateful: Thank whatever comes up for allowing you to grow and know yourself deeper. Thank it for revealing itself to you and for being a part of your existence, but now it’s time to go.

Stay Ready to Release: After Identifying, embracing and thanking those things that came up, let it go. Envision it leaving your heart, your mind, and soul. Free yourself from its grasps so that you can’t get back to the task of discovering more things that need to be released.

Repeat these steps often and #Staywoke

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