The Seed Feeds: Deconstructed Sushi w/ Seaweed Salad

I like to call this Deconstructed Sushi because you have all the elements of a traditional roll( in some variation) without it being rolled. I took the easy route with this one!


What’cha need

Tuna Grade Sushi( you can use any Sushi Grade fish you prefer)

Soy Vay Marinade



Black and White sesame seeds (optional)

Seaweed Salad:

I love the seaweed salad that my neighborhood fishmonger makes and  I usually just pick that up.  If you are in LA go to Santa Monica Seafood in Santa Monica.  They have amazing Seaweed Salad.

What’cha Do

Cut Tuna into thin slices( Sashimi Style)

Cut jalapeno into thin circles. I de-seed the pepper just a little (I like a little bit of that surprise bite from the heat of the pepper)

Add Tuna and jalapenos to Soy Vay

let it marinate. The longer the more intense the flavor and heat.

While marinating, cook your sticky rice. I like Nishiki Premium Grade Rice.

Remove Tuna from marinade and place Jalapeno’s on top.   Plate rice and seaweed saladand voila, Deconstructed Sushi!


Eat Well

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