The Seed Ep. 26 Sharing Our Story

     It takes a ton of courage to share your story and to let others in.  It took a lot for me to feel comfortable enough and confident enough to open up and decide to share my story; to be transparent when transparency was considered a No-No.  There are levels to it. I often struggle with how much to share, how much to use as a tool for healing and helping others because of this I have to check in with myself every time I decide to share. It’s usually the thing that causes me the most discomfort that I know that I need to give the green light, because I know there is healing in it for me too.  Every time I want to go back in my shell I remember how my transparency freed me.  It directed me to my purpose.  Sharing your story can unburden you emotionally so that you can make room to move where the Divine wants you to move.


Light + Love


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