In 2011, Marquita Moore came to a realization: that her life needed to change in order to grow. In developing a ritual to grow daily, she stumbled upon a new method of enlightenment by way of learning. Whether it was reading an inspirational article or discovering a new influential speaker, Marquita found that constant elevation was essential for self-betterment. She decided to compile these thoughts and realizations to form

How I Grew Today is a site dedicated to sharing growth and mindfulness in every day life. From new books and new recipes, to new meditations and affirmations, HIGT is a network of like-minded women (and men) who are looking to grow and extend those experiences to others. Please feel free to submit your own personal moments of growth to the HIGT community. We are always looking for new ideas and new ways to build with others. Life is all about being present. Let’s embrace this journey together.

P.S. Pray The Same for Me

Marquita embarked on a mission to regain her sense of self, following a spiritual journey that left several questions unanswered in her life.
she crafted a book of bespoke prayers to her female ancestors, asking to be released from her inherited baggage while simultaneously praying for their souls.

P.S. Pray The Same For Me hardcover and soft edition are available now on Amazon. Be sure to grab one for a friend and bless it forward by passing on healing and self reflection.*

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